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Gameverses Collide is an RP Thread started up by TheJammyJoker on the Yogscast Forums in April 2013. The idea was to get other forum members to take part in an RP where they could roleplay as their favourite videogame characters. Despite having its very large lapses, the RP still runs to this day on the new fan-made Yogscast forums.

Main LoreEdit

Eons ago in the darkest depths of subspace, a dark evil lay. A force so powerful that had laid dormant ever since it was born out of nothing. Deusanctus. The shadowy mighty black angel had finally awoken. It looked around at the emptiness and darkness of subspace and so he began his greatest creation ever, the universes. Deusanctus clasped his hands together and light shone through the nooks and crannies in his hands. He lifted them open to reveal a large azure orb. The orb turned into a massive supernova which cast many universes out into the empty subspace. Once his objective was completed, Deusanctus remained dormant for another very long period to regain his energy.

As universes began to evolve and develop, Deusanctus' power was regenerating. Great legends were born such as Nathan Drake, Dante and Sora were born to discover new adventures and possibilities. Then disaster struck. Deusanctus awoke once again and saw perfect worlds with no problems or issues whatsoever. He didn't like it. Everything was too perfect and so he decided to make some corruption. Dark tendrils ripped out of his chest linking universes together and spreading evil and darkness throughout them. He then took his new evil and twisted form and became Deusmalus. Pathways were formed between universes and evil forces gathered together to create the Dark Legion. A collection of villains and cultists of Deusmalus lay in this group. However, they weren't going to get away that easy. Heroes from every universe have managed to gain access to these pathways and put themselves into other universes. They are now forming an alliance to take down the Dark Legion and Deusmalus...

Latest activityEdit

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