Age 16
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Hair Colour Silver
Eye Colour Cyan
Relationships (in game)
Allies Sora
Neutral Dante
Enemies Ganondorf
Creative Information
Game of Origin Kingdom Hearts (II)
Portrayed by Adam

Riku is a character that appears in Gameverses Collide, portrayed by Adam.

Backstory Edit

Kingdom Hearts Edit

Riku grew up on The Destiny Islands with his friends; Sora and Kairi. Riku had always sense that Sora had feelings for Kairi and often poked fun at him for it. Sora, Riku and Kairi planned to build a raft to go and see other worlds.
They spend a few days finally building this raft, Riku continuing his rivalry with Sora throughout. On the night of their journey, when everything was ready for them to set sail, Riku found a mysterious door in a secret alcove. Opening it, he inadvertently released a dark scourge; The Heartless, upon his world. With the island falling into a dark void, Sora finds Riku and is surprised by Riku's lack of urgency. Riku is eager to escape the islands. Darkness surround him and Riku disappears into it.

Riku emerges in Hollow Bastion; a dark castle in which he is found by Maleficent; the dark witch from Sleeping Beauty. She offers him shelter and care.

Maleficent poses Riku the task of gathing (kidnapping) the Princesses of Heart (essentially six Disney Princesses), stating that in return, she would find Kairi and bring her to him. Riku is given the demonic sword; the Soul Eater.

After many random encounters with Sora while traversing the worlds, searching for the princesses, Maleficent decides to turn Riku against Sora, telling him that Sora has abandoned him and Kairi for his new friends; Donald Duck and Goofy. Riku begins to become suspicious.

After capturing a few of the princesses, Riku learns the whereabouts of Kairi's body. Maleficent tells him that Kairi is effectively dead and that the only way to revive her is to access Kingdom Hearts, a large reserve of pure power in the shape of a heart-shaped moon.

After multiple more encounters with Sora while on his quest, Sora keeps trying to bring Riku to his senses, but to no avail. Riku becomes stronger and stronger can now manipulate the darkness.

Riku later encounters Sora at Hollow Bastion, where Riku assumes a more powerful dark form and tells Sora to stop getting in his way. Riku strives to prove that he is more powerful, seeing as Sora has defeated him every time so far.

Defeated, Riku is convinced that he can only defeat Sora by delving into the darkness. He body is poscess by the dark deity; Ansem. After Sora defeats Ansem, Riku is set free of his grasp, but however must trap himself in the dark realm to prevent further damage to his friends and his universe.

Chain of Memories Edit

Riku finds himself now in Castle Oblivion, posed with the threat of the Organizaton XIII, a group of mysterious characters. They try and convince him that he is weak, and that is why Ansem was able to possess him, they tell him that he will always be evil. He eventually comes to believing them. Ascending the floors, Riku grows to resent the darkness inside of him left behind from his possession. Riku eventually attempts to come to terms with the dark essence inside of him, with continuing inspiration from his new friend, whom he met while trapped in the dark realm; the King; Mickey Mouse, whom he speaks to through a magical bond.

He eventually accepts that the darkness is part of who he is and learns to use it to his advantage.  After learning that Sora had actually defeated the Organization members that inhabited the castle, he meets Mickey physically along with DiZ, a mysterious cloaked man. DiZ explains that Sora has damaged his memory and heart while in the castle and must sleep to repair the damage, however he cannot awake until he is whole. DiZ reveals that a part of Sora has taken physical form, in the form of Roxas, a member of the Organization XIII. 

Riku dons a black cloak, similar to those worn by the Organization and sets off to do all he can to restore Sora's heart and memory, even if that means dragging Roxas away with him.

358/2 Days Edit

Riku eventually confronts Roxas. Roxas is however fleeing from the Organization as he wants to meet the real him. However Roxas didn't know Riku's intentions and vice versa. The two battle, but Roxas gets the upper hand.

Riku then sacrifices the restraint he had on the darkness in his heart and assumes Ansem's superpowered form. He captures Roxas, and - when the time is right, leads him to merge with sleeping Sora.

Kingdom Hearts II Edit

With Sora now awake, Riku addresses his disfigurement. He looks exactlylike Ansem. He flees, saying that he doesn't want his friends to see him, though in the end, he must give up hiding when he finds out that the rest of the Organization have kidnapped Kairi. Completely separate from the other, Riku and Sora head to rescue Kairi. It is on this journey, that Riku's sword took the form of a similar looking Keyblade. After Riku rescues Kairi, Sora arrives, convinced that Riku is the main antagonist due to his appearance. They clash, and Sora attacks Riku, only seeing Ansem. But Kairi sees through the face and convinces Sora that this man is his best friend.

With mixed emotions, Riku reveals whats been going on and that he didn't want to be found. Now, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Riku, Kairi, Mickey and DiZ scale the Organizations new base, found in a void of nothing, eliminating the Organization one by one.

They reach a summit, where they find Kingdom Hearts complete, with the Organization leader; Xemnas (who is a remnant of Ansem) threatening to utilise its power. DiZ sacrifices himself to blow up Kingdom Hearts. The resulting blast cures Riku of his grotesque form. Taking off the cloak, he is now a much ligher character.

Sora, Riku, Donald and Goofy defeat Xemnas in a pain-stakingly drawn out battle and Donald, Goofy, Kairi and Mickey return to the safety of the reformed Destiny Islands, but the portal closes and Sora and Riku are attacked again by Xemnas, who apparently didn't perish the first time around.

By working together, Riku and Sora conquer the threat of Xemnas anddestroy him, but they are now trapped in the void of nothing. The two share a quick heart-to-heart and tell eachother how much they appreciate the other. They wait, and astoundingly, they find a note in a bottle. ... from Kairi.

The note somehow leads them back home, where they embrace the light now everythings over! Mickey, Donald and Goofy go home and Riku, Sora and Kairi resume normal life.

Gameverses Collide Edit

Riku sat alone, in his bedroom, writing a letter to his companion; King Mickey, when an apparition appeared to him. It told him of a Dark Legion who threatened the fate of multiple universes. Universes had connected and enemies were conglomerating. With only minor hesitation did Riku agree to pick up the keyblade again and dive once more into the unknown.

Appearance & Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Riku is a quite tall, athletic teenager with silver, long (down to the upper back), spiky hair. His eyes are aqua blue, brighter than those of Sora, and a notable factor of his appearance. He wheres a pale-yellow waistcoat with a black, zipped vest under it. He wears spacious, blue jeans and white and yellow trainers - unlike Sora, his shoes are reasonably sized. Riku also has a bandages wrapped around this left forearm.

Personality Edit

Riku was originally a very cool and fearless teen. He has had quite sarcastic sense of humour (this he retains to this day, however with less spite) He then went through multiple changes (to be mentioned in backstory), making him ignorant, jealous and angry and then incredibly regretful and self-loathing and shy. Riku lost security in his personality and was afraid that he didn't know what he was becoming. He hid from society, thinking that they would shun him for his misdeeds.

Eventually, after finally being found by his best friend and biggest rival; Sora, he was given hope, confidence and self-respect. Now, Riku is a lot more sympathetic. He is very humble, though still very much aware of what he is capable of, and is definitely not a force to be reckoned with. He is very loyal, devoted and protective individual. Riku is the type of character who will have a laugh with his friends, but feels obliged to assume a big brother role, due to his maturity.

Abilities Edit

Riku wields a keyblade one-handed; Way to the Dawn, which looks contrastingly more demonic that Sora's Kingdom Key. As a Keyblade Wielder Riku also access to magical spells in addition to those he learned during his time in the dark. These Include:

  • Firaga: A fireball spell
  • Thundaga: A lightning spell
  • Blizzaga: An ice spell
  • Curaga: A healing spell
  • Dark Firaga: A more powerful, dark fireball spell comparable to a shadow ball attack
  • Blinking: Teleportation within a restrictive range
  • Corridors of Darkness: Dark portals linking locations. By use of these, blinking is possible.
  • Dark Aura: A shield spell

Equipment and Paraphernalia Edit

Being a Keyblade Wielder, Riku is of course able to summon his keyblade; Way to the Dawn at any time during normal circumstances, however this is not his only weapon or tool. Others include:

  • Black Coat: A magical black cloak that allows the user to safely pass through Corridors of Darkness, also offering low level protection against dark spells. They also manifest a matching pair of trousers and boots. Through magic, Riku is able to summon this coat onto his person at any time under normal circumstances.
  • Pistol: In Rapture; the underwater hellhole, Riku obtained a pistol; a .455 caliber Webley Mk VI revolver to be specific, a commonly used service pistol among the "British" after the "Second World War", an event that curiously had occurred across many universes under similar circumstances.
  • Steel Longsword: In Renaissance Italy Riku acquired a beautiful Italian longsword - forged by the recently deceased master assasin; Giorgio Adessi - as a parting gift from the Assasins' Creed before departing and arriving in the Liberty Mall in Savannah, Georgia.
  • Hidden Blade: Similarly Riku was also gifted a hidden blade, the commonly-used weapon of the assassin. It's only purpose is killing and Riku sincerely wished to never have to use it. This blade acted as a gateway between Renaissance Italy and Savannah, Georgia.
  • Medkits: In the first saferoom in the Liberty Mall Riku acquired two medkits, powerful healing materials.
  • "Peels": Here, Riku also acquired a bottle of "peels", temporary boosts of health. He had previously encountered these in Renaissance Italy.

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