Age 15
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Hair Colour Brown and Spiky
Eye Colour Blue
Relationships (in game)
Allies Riku
Neutral Faith Connors
Enemies Deusmalus
Creative Information
Game of Origin Kingdom Hearts
Portrayed by TheJammyJoker

Sora is a character who is a hero in Gameverses Collide portrayed by TheJammyJoker.

Backstory Edit

After living an ordinary life on Destiny Islands, Sora was desperate to see what other worlds were out there in his universe which seemed oh so small. He, Kairi and Riku planned to make a raft to find any other worlds which could be out there. However, all went wrong when his world was swallowed up by the darkness. On the other hand, he received one of the greatest weapons of all, the Keyblade. He landed in a strange little place called Traverse Town where he met Leon, Yuffie, Cid and Aerith. In "The Green Room" he realized Riku had gone into the darkness and Kairi was missing. After a few battles with the deadly Heartless which come after the Keyblade no matter what, Sora came across Donald and Goofy who let him board their great Gummi Ship to go and see other worlds and help him find his friends. The Heartless kept on coming at them no matter what world they landed on. They helped these worlds and eventually made their way to Hollow Bastion where all became clear. Riku had become, almost, possessed by the darkness. There they stopped Riku and Maleficent and made their way to "The End of the World" There they encountered Ansem who was trying to make Kingdom Hearts, the heart of all worlds in the universe, darkness but Sora prevailed and made it light. There he found King Mickey but parted with Kairi and Riku. When Organisation XIII came into the picture, Sora, Donald and Goofy fought back better than ever. Xemnas and Nobodies fell before the might of the Keyblade and Sora's friends. Organisation XIII crumbled into nothing.

Sora was with Donald and Goofy when an apparition appeared in front of them. With Keyblade in hand, Sora asked the apparition what it was doing there. It replied saying that a new force had arrived called the Dark Legion. Universes had been connected and enemies grew stronger together. Sora was ready for another battle to save not only his universe but the other universes out there which he would come to know very well...

Appearance and Personality Edit

Appearance: Edit

Spiky brown hair which sticks out like branches from a tree. His eyes are a deep blue like the sea and his face is very young and untouched by age. His weapon, the Keyblade, is held over his shoulder like a soldier with a gun. His navy blue waistcoat and short hang on his skinny body. A silver chain dangles from his fragile neck with a crown pendant on the end of it. His big yellow shoes project out of the bottom of his legs. Every time you look at him you can tell that he is on an adventure to find or achieve something.

Personality: Edit

He is very emotional at certain times, especially when it comes to his friends. However, when he is up against his enemies he is fearless and willing to take on any battle if it is for the ones he loves. No matter how much he denies it you can tell that he is in love with someone or something. Maybe one day someone will get it out of him! When relaxed he enjoys being funny with his friends and if there is the odd person who is irritating to him, he can become quite arrogant but overall he is an interesting kid.

Abilities Edit

  • Can dodge roll to avoid incoming attacks.
  • Can use Valor, Wisdom and Master form for extra power. (Master form can sometimes defect)
  • Uses Ariel Recovery if necessary.
  • Thundaga, Firaga, Curaga and Blizzaga.
  • Glide for getting to places lower down safely

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